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LED Flashlights

  • Phixton 1200lumen LED Flashlights kits
  • Phixton 1200lumen LED Flashlights kits
Phixton 1200lumen LED Flashlights kitsPhixton 1200lumen LED Flashlights kits

Phixton 1200lumen LED Flashlights kits

What's Included in this kit:
1* L2 Flashlight
1* Wall Charger
1* Rechargeable 18650 Battery
1* Pouch
1* Bike Mount
1* Gift Box

What's the benefit for this torch kit?
1.High Qaulity :
100% original CREE L2 LED chip,brigher and last longer than T6.
It is made of hard anodized aluminum ,durable and waterproof(But can not in water for long time) .

Push/pull the head to adjust the focus,spot light and floot light for different using

3.Adjustable:high / middle/low/strobe/SOS
Press the switch lightly to change modes,it don't have the memory function.

4.Many Accessories:
A>:1pcs Lithium Ion battery:
Rechargeable,high capacity 5000mAh,could be recycled for 10000 times
And the power is 4 times than ordinary battery,could last 5-6 hours normally .

B>Wall plug Charger:
You could charge our battery directly .
CE improved,do not worry about its good quality .

C>Convas Pouch
Protect the flashlight and portable to take it,it could be cliped on your waist

D>360 Degree Bike Mount:
With the mount,your torch can be used as a bike light for riding .

E>Gift Box:
The box has a cord on it and padded with foam,easy to attach to something,so it won't get damaged or wet.

How to charge the battery:
Put the battery on the charger to get power,please note the Positive(+) and negative(-) .
5-8 hours will be ok .

How to use this torch:
*Remove the plastic film on the battery when you first time use.
*Pull/Push the torch head to change the focus. Spot and flood beam are both available
*Press the switch heavily to turn on/off .When it is on,press it lightly to change the light modes.

*To protect the lifespan of the battery, please charge the battery before it is exhausted.



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