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  • Phixton L2 LED Flashlight
Phixton L2 LED Flashlight

Phixton L2 LED Flashlight

What's Included in this listing:
1x LED Flashlight
1x Plastic 18650 Battery Tube
1x Plastic AAA Battery Holder
Attention:Battery And Charger is not Included .

if you need batteries and charger that are compatible with this item, please refer to the link below: 

About the Light:
1.The Phixton L2 flashlight is made of indestructible aircraft aluminum alloy,with specail shock-resistant and skid-proof design .
2.This light is 1200 Lumen brighness, can be seen from miles away.
3.With Water Resistant design,you can use it in raining day,but can not in water for long time .
4.An SOS mode can be activated to signal for help and the Strobe mode can temporarily disorient and blind a threat without having to use deadly force.
5.Get the flashlight used by police, fire fighters, military and professional marksmen. It provides a beam bright enough to blind a bear, fight off an attacker or light your way through an emergency situation.

What kind of battery does the light use :
1.Standard 18650 battery which is not included by using a battery tube,so the battery in the light would be stable;
2.AAA battery which is not included by using the AAA battery holder .



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